The transparent Eurolook® - Standard armor is crystal clear with 83% transparency and a light output of up to 92%. Because the armor completely standard UV stabilized, discoloration and yellowing not pocket years remains crystal clear. A special optional coating protects against scratches and makes graffiti easy to remove.



The Eurolook® - Standard armor is formed from kunststofschalmen polycarbonate. These links are built in brick formation that ensures optimum strong construction with a maximum flexibility. For example, bending a Eurolook® Standard door, but will not crack or break. The Eurolook® Standard is therefore extremely burglar proof.



Target groups such as shops, banks and museums, where security and transparency are required, for many years to use the Eurolook® Standard blinds and inside and outside seal satisfactorily. The Eurolook® Standard is available in different versions namely a transparent-, frosted- and breathable performance and in a transparent version that is provided with a coating against scratches and graffiti.

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